Invest in your retirement safely and securely with an IRA from Union County Savings Bank.

Given today’s economic uncertainty, it makes sense to choose an IRA from UCSB, a trusted community bank that has been in business for 140 years.

UCSB’s IRA Accounts offer great rates and a variety of terms to help guide you to retirement and help make your future a little more certain.

1-Year IRA CD
Interest Rate 3.45%, APY** 3.50%

2-Year IRA CD
Interest Rate 3.16%, APY** 3.20 %

3-Year IRA CD
Interest Rate 2.23%, APY** 2.25%

IRA Savings
Interest Rate 0.59%, APY** 0.60%


– Earns fixed interest over a set period of time

– Unique tax advantage available with both Traditional and Roth IRAs
– Flexible deposits

Whether you’re considering a Traditional or Roth IRA, both types of investments offer unique benefits to help you grow your retirement savings and prepare for the future.

Tax IncentivesContributions may be tax-deductible.*
Deduction may be limited if you or your spouse is covered by a retirement plan at work and your income exceeds certain levels.
Contributions are taxed before funding
Tax BenefitsTax-deferred earningsEarnings growth is tax-free
Income RequirementsYour income does not affect yearly contribution amountIncome limits based upon IRS Filing status
Age RestrictionsNo restrictionNo restriction
Early Withdrawal PenaltiesWithdrawals are penalty free beginning
at age 59 ½
Withdrawals are penalty free beginning
at age 59 ½
WithdrawalsYou pay taxes on your contribution and earnings when you withdrawYou won’t pay taxes on contributions and earnings upon withdrawal, if funds have been in the IRA for 5 years
Required Minimum Distribution (RMDs)Age 73Withdrawals are never required
*UCSB cannot provide tax advice, you should consult with a tax advisor for any tax-deductibility
**Annual Percentage Yield

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