Commercial Lending

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Commercial Lending

Business Loans

Investment Real Estate Loans – 1-4 Family Property

Secure the funds you need for the acquisition or refinance of this real property.

Construction Loans

Financing for the development of commercial real estate with a conversion to a permanent mortgage upon attainment of Certificate of Occupancy.

Undeveloped Land Loans

Obtain financing for undeveloped land where the Bank will lend up to 50% of the value.

Commercial Term Loans

Financing for your Equipment, Business Acquisitions, Leasehold Improvements, Permanent Working Capital, and other fixed Assets.

Commercial Line of Credit (Coming Soon)

Have the flexibility to fund seasonal or short-term working capital needs.

Collateralized Loans

A cash or marketable securities collateralized line of credit or loan will help your business meet liquidity needs without disrupting the structure of your investments.